Microsoft Power BI for Construction Management

“Transforming Civil Engineering Insights: Power BI Proficiency in Project Analytics, Reporting, and Visualization.”


  1. Welcome to the “Power BI Mastery Camp for Civil Engineers” on Udemy, led by Shripad Khaparde—a seasoned Civil Engineer with over 30 years of experience in India and Oman, coupled with an MBA. This comprehensive course is designed to empower civil engineers with the essential skills to leverage Power BI for data analytics in construction projects.

  2. With a curriculum meticulously crafted by an industry expert, students will delve into the practical applications of Power BI in the realm of civil engineering. Shripad Khaparde, drawing on his extensive experience, focuses on utilizing Power BI as a transformative tool for project data analytics. This course goes beyond basic proficiency and equips learners to harness Power BI for generating stunning Management Information System (MIS) reports crucial for client decision-making.

  3. The content is structured to enhance career growth opportunities for civil engineers and management professionals alike. Students will explore diverse areas such as daily progress reporting, project introduction dashboards, revenue analysis, resource allocation, and the creation of interactive dashboards comparing planned versus actual project metrics.

  4. Purchasing this course is an investment in your professional development, guided by an industry veteran. Unlock the power of Power BI to elevate your capabilities, make informed decisions, and produce visually compelling reports that propel your career forward. Enroll now to embark on a transformative journey in civil engineering data analytics with Shripad Khaparde’s “Power BI Mastery Camp.”

  5. Get Benefit from Live Sessions for Fast Mastering.

Total Students234
Original Price($)1799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures9
Number of quizzes1
Total Reviews6
Global Rating4.5
Instructor NameShripad Khaparde

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