Become RPA Master in Microsoft Power Automate Desktop

This Course is designed with 31+ hours & 4 live Projects to learn MS Power Automate Desktop to Automate repetitive Tasks


<<Covering all concepts* of Power Automate desktop related to PL-500 Certification>>

This Course is Designed to Learn RPA with orientation and structure of Microsoft Power Automate desktop, installation, error handling, flow control, debugging and automation of business processes. This Course covers many aspects of RPA to keep the technology up to speed.

This course is for everyone (Beginners , Intermediate ,Experts) , how wants to learn Power Automate Desktop step by step about Desktop flows, creating automated steps, and flow development essentials.

By the End of the course , you will  be able to :

  1. Introduction to the Power Automate Desktop

  2. How to Install Power Automate Desktop

  3. Hardware and Software requirements

  4. Create  a simple Desktop Flow

  5. Working with Variable Actions (Set Variable, Truncate Number, Get Random Numbers , Increase Variable , Decrease Variable , Create New List, Add Item to List, Remove Item From List, Clear List , Remove Duplicate items from  List, Reverse List, Shuffle List, Merge Lists, Subtract Lists, Find Common List items)

  6. Working with Conditional Actions (If and Else, If , Else If, Switch, Case, Default Case , If File / Folder  Exists and If Process )

  7. working with Loops

  8. working with Excel Automation

  9. working with Database Automation

  10. Working with File Actions

  11. Working with Folder Actions

  12. Work with Compression Actions (Zip and Unzip Files)

  13. Work with Text Actions

  14. Working with Date and Time Actions

  15. working with Email Automation Actions

  16. working with Outlook Automation Actions

  17. working with web recorder

  18. working with web Automation Actions

  19. working with UI Automation Actions

  20. working with Desktop recorder

  21. working with  PDF Automation Actions

  22. working with XML Automation Actions

  23. DataVerse

We will  learn Every action step by step with basic examples.

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