Master Course : Merchandising, Retail Business & Management

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Master course in merchandising, retail business and retail management


A merchandising activity is anything that helps promote and sell products to customers. Shoppers are motivated to make purchases when merchandising is displayed in a way that motivates them.

It’s also called visual merchandising, and it’s how the retailer arranges products based on an image. There are displays, decorations, and signs that complement the products.

While merchandising has a lot of scope, its ultimate goal is very straightforward: to get products into people’s hands and baskets

Retail business is:

Retail is when products are sold to consumers in small quantities. After they buy something, they don’t sell it. That’s right, the buyer doesn’t resell. In the retail sector, the buyer is where it all ends. The ultimate consumer is the purchaser.

Here’s what retail management is:

The goal of retail management is to make sure the physical or digital retail stores they love offer the products (merchandise), services, and experiences customers want.

The 5 major topics I’d like to cover in this master’s course are:

1. Introduction to Merchandising, Retail Business, and Retail Management

2. Category management, merchandising standards, and activities in retail

3. What is retailing in retail management, why is it important?

4. An overview of retail business models, ideas, budgets, and benefits

5. The best way to become a merchandising strategy analyst and retail business analyst

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