Masterclass: Digital Communication and Information Theory

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This course “Masterclass: Digital Communication and Information Theory” comprises six modules:

Module 1 deals with the basics of information theory, Hartley Shanon law, channel capacity, entropy, Huffman coding, Shanon Fano coding, and various communication channels including discrete and continuous followed by two exam-related Q&A discussions and solutions.

Module 2 is all about digital transmission techniques. It discusses digital-to-digital conversion, line codes, analog-to-digital conversion, PCM, and Delta modulation. Furthermore, it teaches various transmission modes and types of communications.

Module 3 is about analog transmission including digital-to-analog conversion and types of modulation schemes like ASK, FSK, and PSK, and analog-to-analog conversion including modulation techniques like AM, FM, and PM.

Module 4 discusses utilizing bandwidth by multiplexing schemes like FDM, TDM, WDM, and spread spectrum techniques. This module also touches on transmission media and various types of switching communication techniques like circuit and packet switching.

Module 5 introduces error detection and correction schemes in the channel through linear block code, cyclic code, and checksum.

Module 6 discusses various multimedia networking applications. It starts with audio/video digitization and compression followed by methods of streaming live audio/video, streaming stored audio/video, and VOIP.

Each module has a practice quiz. There is a course completion quiz at the end.

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