Masterclass: Data Communication and Computer Networking

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This is a masterclass on data communication and computer networking. The basic concepts from the beginning to the end are elaborately explained in a classroom fashion with a whiteboard and pen.  The course is divided into 8 modules each having a set of lectures followed by a practice quiz. Section 1 teaches data communication including components, data types, data flow, a brief overview of OSI, network devices, network connections, and the history of networks. Section 2 teaches network models including layered tasks in communication, the OSI reference model and its layers, TCP/IP protocol suite, and touches two protocols viz., TCP and UDP. Section 3 – Section 8 teaches the various layers and their functionalities, protocols, and operations of the OSI model such as Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, and Application. Under the physical layer, the learners are introduced to signals, data, signal classification, transmission impairments, data rate limits, and performance. Some of the protocols that are taught here are HTTP, FTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, PPP, media access control, channelization, and controlled access mechanisms together with unicast and multicast routing protocols, and intradomain & interdomain routing protocols. In-depth analysis of IP addressing and address mapping techniques are included.

The course completion quiz at the end will test the learner’s knowledge.

Total Students24
Original Price($)1499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures65
Number of quizzes9
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Instructor NameMohuya Chakraborty

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