Master Forex News Trading with Python | The Secret Strategy

Build an Automated Trading Bot to Capture the Volatility of News Events-with Semi Intelligent Take Profit and Stop Loss


Forex news trading is a popular trading strategy that involves taking advantage of market volatility resulting from major news releases. News releases can have a significant impact on the foreign exchange market, causing rapid price movements that present traders with lucrative trading opportunities.

In forex news trading, traders use economic news releases, such as employment data, GDP, interest rate announcements, and other key economic indicators, as a trigger for their trades. The idea is to enter the market as soon as possible after the release of the news to take advantage of the market volatility and profit from the price movement.

The ability to react quickly is crucial in news trading. Therefore, we are developing a trading bot that can automate the process of news trading.Following each trade, we are recording the data from the corresponding news event. We are then utilizing this data in future trades to fine-tune the bot. As a result, the bot will progressively improve its accuracy over time.

Course content –

  1. Basics of Python

  2. Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

  3. Basics of Forex

  4. Connecting MetaTrader with Python and Building the Functions of the Trading Bot

  5. Assembling the Trading Bot

  6. Live News Trading – Example 1

  7. Live News Trading – Example 2

  8. Live News Trading – Example 3

Basics of Python

This section is for absolute beginners in python. We are discussing about following topics.

  • Installing Python and Setting up IDE

  • Print Function and F Strings

  • Variables and Basic Data Types in Python

  • Operators in Python

  • Python Functions

  • Global and Local Variables in Python

  • Working with Lists

  • Working with Dictionaries

  • If Else Statements in Python

  • While Loops, Break and Continue Statements

  • For Loops

  • Classes and Objects in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

Pandas is a Python library created for data analysis. We are using this library to do essential forex calculations.

We are discussing about,

  • Pandas Series

  • Pandas Data Frames

  • Selecting Specific Rows and Columns in a Dataframe

  • Selecting Rows in a Data Frame by Conditions

  • Iterating Colums in a Dataframe

Basics of Forex

We will discuss terminology in forex and do essential calculations.

  • Installing MetaTrader and Setting Up a Correct Broker Account

  • Types of Currency Pairs in Forex

  • Bid, Ask and Spread

  • Lots, Pips , Leverage and Margin

  • Essential Calculations

  • Types of Orders in Forex

Connecting MetaTrader with Python and Building the Functions of Trading Bot

  • Placing Buy Stop and Sell Stop Orders Automatically

  • Building Trailing Stop loss and Take Profit

Assembling the Trading Bot

We Will Put All the Functions Together and Assemble the Trading Bot

Live Trading

  • Configuring Economic Calendar and Selecting Suitable News Events for Trading

  • Selecting Suitable Currency Pairs

  • Adjusting the Settings of the Bot According to the Past News Data

  • Live Trading the News Event

  • Updating the News Data After Each Trade

In this course, you’ll discover techniques that are practical and unique. You won’t find these techniques anywhere else, as they are based on my own experiences. By the end of the course, you’ll have the ability to enhance these techniques and create even more powerful trading bots. Additionally, you’ll receive 24/7 support. If you have any questions, simply post them in the Q&A section, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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