Master Course in Marketing Psychology 2.0

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Master Course in Market Research and Marketing Strategy 2.0

This comprehensive course delves into the dynamic and evolving landscape of Market Research and Marketing Strategy 2.0, focusing on the crucial integration of marketing psychology. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the advanced principles and practices that drive successful marketing campaigns in the contemporary business environment.

Module 1: Understanding Marketing Psychology 2.0 Explore the fundamentals of Marketing Psychology 2.0 and its pivotal role in modern marketing strategies. Uncover the reasons why this psychological approach is crucial for effective market research and strategy development.

Module 2: Tactics, Concepts, and Effects of Marketing Psychology Delve into the various tactics and concepts that form the foundation of Marketing Psychology 2.0. Analyze the effects of these strategies on consumer perceptions, preferences, and decision-making processes.

Module 3: The Connection between Marketing Psychology and Consumer Behavior Examine the intricate relationship between marketing psychology and consumer behavior. Understand how psychological principles influence consumer choices and shape market trends.

Module 4: Theory, Practice, Colors, and Social Media of Marketing Psychology Bridge the gap between theory and practice by exploring real-world applications of marketing psychology. Gain insights into the strategic use of colors and the impact of social media on shaping consumer psychology.

Module 5: Marketing Psychology and Virtual Reality Explore the cutting-edge intersection of marketing psychology and virtual reality. Understand how immersive experiences can be harnessed to enhance marketing strategies and engage consumers in innovative ways.

Module 6: Becoming a Marketing Psychologist Discover the pathways to becoming a proficient marketing psychologist. This module provides practical insights, skill development strategies, and career guidance for individuals aspiring to excel in this exciting and growing field !

By the end of this Master Course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the power of Marketing Psychology 2.0 in crafting effective market research and marketing strategies for diverse industries !

In this master course, I would like to teach the 10 major topics.

1. What marketing psychology 2.0 is and why it’s important

2. Tactics, concepts, and effects of marketing psychology

3. What’s the connection between marketing psychology and consumer behavior?

4. Theory, practice, colors, and social media of marketing psychology

5. Marketing psychology and virtual reality and How do I become a marketing psychologist?

6. Field Specialization and Sales and Marketing Roles

7. Incentive Structures and Motivation

8. Psychological Pricing Tactics

9. Pricing Strategy Implementation and Optimization

10. Green Marketing and Consumer Behavior

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