Multi-channel marketing campaigns

Learn how to use digital marketing and offline channels to drive growth and advance your marketing career


Welcome to this multi-channel marketing campaign course that has been created by a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) practitioner, where you will learn how to launch effective campaigns that drive product awareness and sales.


The management of multi-channel marketing campaigns is a crucial skill for marketers. This practical course will equip you with the terminology, processes, templates, hands-on tools, and confidence to enable you to launch successful multi-channel campaigns in start-up or corporate environments.


There are so many different digital marketing channels available: search, social media, affiliates, partnerships, and PR. But often, all these channels are siloed. So, how can you orchestrate all these marketing channels together to create multi-channel marketing campaign and drive sales? This course will help you move from managing one channel to launching multi-channel marketing campaigns, allowing you to leverage the power of digital marketing.


Being able to create, execute, and analyse multi-channel campaigns is a highly advanced and complex marketing skill that is so rare in the current market. This makes it one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace, meaning it can enable you to generate a bigger impact for the company and, ultimately, get promoted to Head of Marketing level.


This course is different in many ways:

  • It is designed by a CMO practitioner. This course began as an internal training that I created for my marketing teams, and I am delighted to now share it with a wider audience.

  • It is a practical course. I will share the multi-channel campaign process that I developed, as well as templates, checklists, examples, and case studies, featuring popular brands such as Purple, Tinder, and Oatly.

  • You will be able to “learn by doing”. To practise new ways of thinking and new frameworks, you will create a multi-channel campaign for the sustainable clothing brand Pangaia.

The course also includes:

  • Prompt and insightful support in the Q&A section

  • Access to all future updates and additions to the course materials

  • A Udemy Certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn page or CV


The course was developed based on an analysis of job advertisements for Head of Marketing and Marketing Manager positions in the UK and the US to guarantee that the skills you master are the ones that companies are looking for.

I have also integrated my practical experience into the design of this course focusing on how to think strategically in real-world marketing and drive business growth using multi-channel campaigns.


Join this course to learn all about planning, conceptualising, executing, and analysing multi-channel marketing campaigns through hands-on, practical activities. The course will equip you with the terminology, templates, processes, and confidence to enable you to move from a one-channel to a multi-channel view of marketing.


During the course, I will share real examples and templates that have been used and tested for campaign management:

  • Campaign brainstorming template

  • Campaign plan template

  • Consumer interview guide

  • Channel-content checklist

  • Creative brief template

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course.

It would be a joy to have you alongside me discovering how to take advantage of the power of digital marketing!

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