Master Course in Marine, Ship & Maritime Management 3.0

Marine Management, Shipping, Ship Management, Maritime Management, Marine Engineering, Ship and Cargo Management


Master Course in Marine, Ship & Maritime Management

In this master course, We will embark on a voyage to explore the fascinating world of Marine, Shipping & Maritime Management. This industry plays a crucial role in global trade and transportation, connecting nations and enabling the movement of goods across the seas. From managing vessels to optimizing logistics and embracing sustainability, the maritime sector continues to evolve with advancements in technology and a growing awareness of environmental concerns. So, let’s set sail and delve into the depths of this exciting field!

Marine, Shipping & Maritime Management is a dynamic and vital sector that keeps the world connected through global trade and commerce. As technology continues to advance and sustainability becomes a top priority, the industry must navigate uncharted waters, embracing change and innovation. Effective management practices will steer the maritime sector toward a more prosperous and sustainable future. By investing in talent, embracing digital transformation, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility, the industry can overcome challenges and sail confidently into new horizons.

So, whether you are an aspiring maritime professional, a business owner engaged in international trade, or simply fascinated by the world of ships and the sea, understanding the nuances of Marine, Shipping & Maritime Management will undoubtedly enrich your journey in this vast and exciting domain. Bon voyage!

In this master course, I would like to teach the 7 major topics:

1. Introduction to Maritime Industry and Shipping Operations

2. Marine Navigation and Charting Systems

3. Ship management, Ship and Cargo Management

4. Maritime Logistics and Supply Chain Management

5. Customs and shipping law, Marine Environmental Management

6. Risk and safety management of sailing ships

7. Marine engineer skills and how to become a marine engineer

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