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Show that you have the knowledge to make a difference in manufacturing! “step up” your career


Certified Manufacturing Operations Expert (CMOE™)

Show that you have the knowledge to make a difference in manufacturing!

Earning your Certified Manufacturing Expert (CMOE™) requires an investment of time and energy that will reap dividends throughout your career.

Meet the challenges of the manufacturing industry by committing to industry best practice and continual improvement. In industries where it is absolutely critical to demonstrate a commitment to compliance and best practice, certification provides the solution. 

Earn Industry Recognized Certifications

From new hires to more experienced employees, everyone benefits from the validated knowledge that comes from earning an industry-recognized professional credential.

Those looking to expand their manufacturing career may want to complete additional certifications. Manufacturing certifications can help individuals distinguish their experience and skills from other manufacturing professionals.

Understanding more about various programs can help you determine which program aligns with your professional goals. 

Certification means business

Ensuring you have the correct quality controls in place and managing them through the process from design to production and delivery, benefits your whole workforce and visitors.

Explore earning your CMOE™ certification if you already have advanced manufacturing engineering experience. This certification is perfect for you if you are in a leadership position or have supported manufacturing practices and processes at your organization.

To earn your CMOE™ certification, a minimum of eight combined years of manufacturing-related education and work experience (a minimum of four years work experience) is recommended. If you hold a CMOE™ certification, you can qualify with seven combined years of manufacturing-related education and work experience.

Process to Earn Your Certification

Assess your knowledge and experience

The Technical Body of Knowledge is an outline of topics covered on the certification exam. The Technical Competency Model describes the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by manufacturing professionals. It will help you better envision your role and evaluate your readiness for certification.

Certified Manufacturing Operations Expert (CMOE™) program is geared toward programs with a strong manufacturing emphasis.

The CMOE™ Exam can be used for individual certification and for program assessment. The exam is an *open-book, 660-question, multiple choice examination with questions on the following 16 content areas: 

Body of Knowledge :

  • Manufacturing Order & Work Order Basics Exam

  • Bill of Materials Basics Exam

  • Work Center Basics Exam

  • Using Several Work Centers Exam

  • Work Center Controls & Parameters Exam

  • Subcontracting: Resupply Vendor Exam

  • Manufacturing in One Step Exam

  • Manufacturing in Two of Three Steps Exam

  • Byproducts Exam

  • Manufacturing with Backorders Exam

  • Scrap Orders Exam

  • Engineering-to-Order Exam

  • Costing: Overview Exam

  • Costing: Standard Price Exam

  • Costing: FIFO Exam

Benefits of earning manufacturing certifications

There are several reasons earning a manufacturing certification can benefit your career. Some benefits of completing one or more professional certifications include:

  • Provide consistent manufacturing quality

  • Expand professional expertise

  • Enhance customer satisfaction

  • Increase competitiveness in the job market

  • Distinguish your skills from others

  • Improve professional credibility

If you want to pass the certificate, you need deep practical applications, and this is now in your hands. It is different from any other practical training, comprehensive and specialized.

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