The Complete 2024 Linux Course: Beginner to Pro Level

Master the Linux Administration and Linux Command Line Skills You Need to effectively Land a Job or Advance Your Career


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Unveil the power of Linux with the The Complete 2024 Linux Course: Beginner to Pro Level course! Dive deep into the world of Linux, mastering Linux Administration, the Linux Command Line, and every intricate detail of Linux to propel your IT career forward. The corporate realm resonates with Linux, as it’s not just the most sought-after operating system, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly. With Linux underpinning numerous high-paying roles – from Linux System Administrator, DevOps Engineer, and Cloud Architect to Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Data Scientist, and more – harnessing the essence of Linux equips you with unmatched career versatility. If you’re keen to channel the limitless potential of Linux into any of the roles listed or beyond, then this Linux mastery course is for you!

Course’s Aim ?

We’ve tailored this course to ensure you become a Linux pro, equipping you with everything you need to shine in the Linux job market. Dive deep into the world of Linux with our comprehensive course! Master the Linux expertise essential for kickstarting your IT career in any Linux-centric role. By the end of our Linux journey, you’ll be fully prepared to embark on your IT career, with no further courses required. Embrace the Linux universe and catapult your career to new heights!

Who are we?

We are M Torkey and M Khalil, your trusted Linux enthusiasts. With over a decade immersed in the vast Linux universe, our expertise has been honed through roles as Sys Admins and DevOps Engineers in numerous companies. Our Linux journey has blessed us with the privilege of learning from seasoned Linux experts and cultivating a wealth of skills in the IT field. Now, we’re eager to distill that Linux knowledge for you, ensuring you grasp the quintessential Linux commands, concepts, and skills. Our course is meticulously designed to amplify your Linux proficiency, significantly boosting your prospects of securing that coveted IT job and kick starting your Linux-focused career. Dive in and let Linux be your guide to IT excellence!

Why Linux ?

Linux isn’t just another operating system (OS) – it’s a powerhouse! With unparalleled reliability and security, Linux outshines other OSs in numerous ways. Notably, in the corporate domain, Linux reigns supreme, becoming the go-to choice for many businesses. Here’s why you should plunge into the Linux realm:

1- Embracing Linux opens up incredible career opportunities.

2- A major chunk of the internet’s backbone, including essential routers and servers, thrives on Linux.

3- Almost every server out there? Yep, that’s powered by Linux.

4- Adding Linux to your skillset can be transformative, catapulting your professional growth to new heights.

5- One of the best parts? Linux is entirely free and champions the open-source movement.

Delve into Linux and discover its unmatched potential!

What will be presented in this course ?

The course is aimed to teach Linux to beginners, intermediates and even advanced Linux users who wish to develop their skills in Linux. Starting all the way from the Linux basics up to how to manage an entire platform.

Section 1 – Linux principles & Concepts
Learn foundational Linux principles & delve into what Linux is and why to choose Linux, enriching your understanding & paving the way for proficient Linux use in varied scenarios.

Section 2 – Prepare Your Lab

Set up your Linux lab: Install VirtualBox, create Linux VMs, manage disks, explore Rocky Linux’s ties to CentOS/RedHat, and troubleshoot network issues to ensure a smooth Linux experience & Operation

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