Artistic iPhone Editing (Lightroom Mobile Masterclass)

Master iPhone/iPad editing with color correction, grading and stylizing your photos like a pro using Lightroom Mobile.


Welcome to your new and exciting journey in mastering Lightroom Mobile! This course will take you through the software on your phone (or tablet) point by point so that you can master all the technical and creative features of Lightroom Mobile in one large masterclass. The things you will learn include:

– Importing images and staying organized by categorizing your photos in folders and albums.

– Create a smooth workflow by learning how to tag your photos, mark them by keywords, flag them and rate them so that you can filter your photos and find them with ease many years from now.

– Master the technicalities behind the color correction and understand important lingo like shadows, midtones & highlights. Learn how to correct your photos to make them resemble reality as much as possible.

– Learn advanced features like the tone curve, which you can use for both color correction and grading.

– Stylize your photos by mastering the color grading features such as the color mixer, tone curve, black and white color grading and color wheel respectively.

– Understand how you can use all of these features to create your own style.

– Create your own presets and export your photos in highest possible quality.

I’m a big proponent of learning by doing so this course will provide you with RAW photos and JPEGS so that you can sit and edit together with me, as we go along.

The curricula is designed to carefully teach you everything about Lightroom Mobile through practice, so that you can make sure to really implement the concepts you learn in your day to day editing after finishing the course.

Total Students1961
Original Price($)1999
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures26
Number of quizzes0
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Global Rating4.857143
Instructor NameBenjamin Dizdarevic

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