Snowflake Master Class 2023 | Core + SQL + API + Snowsight

Master snowflake cloud data warehouse with hands on exercises, become EXPERT on Snowflake and add SNOWPRO cert(external)


Do you want to upgrade your skills and learn how to professionally work in Snowflake?

In this course you will – step by step – learn everything that is important in Snowflake!

Learn using the new Snowflake Web UI – Snowsight.

This course provides Snowflake concepts detailed explanation & hands on expertise to help get you started on implementing solutions using Snowflake. This course reinforces the learning through hands on labs, assignments & quizzes.

It is an hands-on engaging course that has concept explanations, success and on-purpose failures. This course is your ultimate companion to take you on a journey of learning Snowflake Cloud Data warehouse.

You don’t have to worry about infrastructure setup, security, performance, tuning, Garbage collection, node failures etc etc…

The course has following structure:-

  1. Video based Concept Lectures

  2. Real time Hands-on Demos

  3. Assignments

  4. Quiz

In this nearly eleven hour course, we talk about how Snowflake is a true SaaS offering. Specifically we address:

  1. How there is no hardware (virtual or physical) to select, install, configure, or manage.

  2. How there is virtually no software to install, configure, or manage.

  3. How maintenance, management, upgrades, and tuning are handled by Snowflake.

  4. All important aspects of Snowflake

  5. How Snowflake runs completely on cloud infrastructure.

  6. All components of Snowflake’s service (other than optional command line clients, drivers, and connectors), which run in public cloud infrastructures.

The course starts with the basics of data warehousing concepts to bring our beginner audience up to speed before going deep into Snowflake. It does not matter if you are working as a Data Analyst/Data Scientists/Data Engineer/Programmer/BI Expert or as a Student, Data is everywhere so there is a need to process voluminous data to perform day-to-day tasks.

Snowflake is an in-demand cloud Data Warehouse. It solves most of the problems such as scalability, maintenance and downtime which we used to face with traditional data warehouses.

Using its Modern Architecture and Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) power, many complex problems can be solved within minutes. These days, Data Analysts/Data Scientists/Data Engineers are adopting Snowflake to avoid any maintenance and to pay what they use. Because of its elasticity, they spend less time finding insights from the data stored in Snowflake.

In addition to the above, we cover more specific areas such as:

– Separation of compute and storage (the power behind Snowflake)
– Virtual warehouses (compute instances)
– Scaling up and scaling out
– Zero-copy cloning (a feature unmatched by most any other competing platform)
– Data sharing
– Snowflake credits and billing
– Performance tips
– Clustering keys
– Data loading and unloading
– Structured and semi-structured data
– and much more…

You will get downloadable one-stop-shop for all the resources used in this class.

By end of this course, you will be able to work as an Snowflake Expert

Total Students339
Original Price($)3499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures115
Number of quizzes4
Total Reviews12
Global Rating4.4
Instructor NamePuneet Gupta

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