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Course: Teach Like a Champion

The “Teach Like a Champion” course is based on Doug Lemov’s acclaimed book of the same name, which outlines effective teaching techniques and strategies for educators to enhance their classroom management, student engagement, and academic achievement. This course is designed to provide teachers with practical tools and methodologies that can be immediately implemented in their classrooms to improve student outcomes.


The importance of the “Teach Like a Champion” course lies in its evidence-based approach to teaching. It equips educators with a repertoire of techniques such as “No Opt Out,” “Cold Call,” and “Check for Understanding,” which ensure active participation and comprehension among all students. These strategies foster a culture of high expectations and accountability, encouraging students to strive for excellence.

Moreover, the course emphasizes the significance of effective classroom management through techniques like “Strong Voice” and “Do It Again,” which help maintain a positive and orderly learning environment. By focusing on both behavioral and academic aspects of teaching, “Teach Like a Champion” ensures that teachers can create an engaging, supportive, and high-achieving classroom atmosphere.

Overall, the “Teach Like a Champion” course is crucial for educators seeking to refine their teaching practices, boost student engagement, and enhance educational outcomes through practical, research-backed strategies.

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