Learn to Build HTML Responsive Real-world Modern Websites

Learn to code HTML5 modern and web design by building a professional websites! Publish your website like a Professional


Are you ready to embark on a journey into the fundamental building blocks of the web? HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the cornerstone of every web page you visit. Our online course, “Build HTML Responsive Real-world Modern Websites,” is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to create and structure web content, making it an ideal starting point for beginners and a valuable refresher for experienced web developers.

applying ChatGPT AI skills to add prompt engineering techniques while learning concepts

HTML is a markup language that can be used to build a variety of website and app front-end designs. With HTML, you can build Webpages (for Windows, Android, Web, and iOS), games, websites, and desktop applications.

Learn to code HTML, The first step to Coding you need to learn to succeed in Web development, it is easy to learn and understand our online HTML Training course, It is designed for you with the complete steps to learn Basic topics by Mr. Sudha Sekhar will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you even beginners can easily understand with real-time examples.

learn what is Generative AI for future learning

This course is designed for beginners like you who are ready to learn HTML and HTML5 without any coding experience required. If you are ready, This is the perfect course to start with.

Are you ready to build your very first website with HTML coding?

HTML is the perfect tool to add to your skillset! to create websites

Interacting with technology is part of everyday life. Coding with HTML helps to create websites, and express yourself in new ways.

Programmers are in high demand in the software industry

Employment is expected to grow 22% by 2030 (via BLS)

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS), the average salary for a software developer is $110,280 per year.

Learn to think and problem-solving techniques

Programming logical thinking teaches you, how to solve large problems by breaking them into small achievable (chunks) steps. These critical thinking skills can be cross-utilized in many scenarios of real life.

Why learn from us?

I’ve been building HTML programs and Real-world Applications for many years. We trained many Professionals to build HTML projects (along with Coding application websites) for local businesses.

I love how simple HTML makes easy into achievable steps!

I’ll also be happy to answer any HTML questions you may have in the student forum for this course (available to enrolled students only).


You will learn how to get pre-requisites (Free) to start this course

You will learn how to set up your local code development system.

You will learn the basic HTML structure used by every programmer!

You will know how to organize your HTML code and run it.

You will learn how to Start your HTML project.

HTML Basic

Heading tags


Formatting Text

List Items Unordered

List Items Ordered




HTML Intermediate



Form Actions

Br tag


Text area



Navbar / Menu

HTML Entities

Div tag

Google Maps

HTML Advanced

HTML5 Audio

HTML5 Video

Progress Bar

Drag & Drop



Input Types

Input Attributes

YouTube Video Linking

Creating Responsive Page

HTML Expert

Registration Form

Login Form

About Us Form

Contact Us Form

Footer Form

Integrate All Together

Coding Exercise

Solution for Coding Exercise

Publish Your Website for Live

Installing Free FTP Solution (FileZilla)

Setting Up FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Publish Website to Hosting Server

HTML Website Project

Challenge – HTML 5 Clock Face with Numbers

Project Overview

Conclusion on Project

Learn from real-world experts to make real web pages


Sekhar Metla is a software engineer with 20 years of professional experience. He is the author of several best-selling Online courses with more than 80,000 students in many countries. He has a Master of Science in Computer Applications in Software Engineering. His students describe him as passionate, pragmatic, and motivational in his teaching.

We will help you build your very first Website with HTML!

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