Learn Siemens S7-300 PLC, Simatic Manager Step 7 (Elementry)

Learn wiring, programming and Installation of S7-300 PLC with Siemens Simatic Manager Integrated Automation Software


With this course from one collegue to another about Siemens SIMATIC both Hardware And Software Side you will able to get information and for your future career, you will gain more experience during your business life. So from this point of view if you are interested with industrial automation sector, specially automation and control area, Simatic is one of the most commonly used product family in industry.

From beginning step by step this the first course offers you complete walktrough of a serie. And it will continiue with “Siemens Simatic Manager S7 System and Programming” 1-2-3.

During this course you will become familiar with the fundemental principle of a logic controller, concept of modular SIMATIC system, basic operating procedures of Simatic Manager.

The course will cover basic concepts of PLC programming, hardware and interfacing techniques to groom students in the field of Industrial Automation. The course will teach students PLC Programming techniques based on Siemens.

I’ll be using S7-300 PLC hardware just to enable students understand the hardware configuration, wiring and troubleshooting concepts however mostly we will be using simulation mode.

For this course you don’t need hardware at all and i’ll provide Siemens PLC software which works for 30-Days (trial version). However, i’ll cover hardware as well for students who wish to practice on S7-300 PLCs themselves.

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