Learn React In a Better Way

Master React main concepts and build Single Page Applications using ReactJS


You’re here because you know HTMLCSSJavaScript and you want to move forward to popular and advanced technology. You’re here because you are react BEGINNER and you have a mission : you want to learn React from scratch in a better way : step by step so you will master its main concepts and build Single Page Applications using React

I am here because i can help you accomplish your mission. I have B.s.c + M.s.c in mechanical engineering . I have been doing software applications for more than 20 years in the Hi – Tec industry and i have a lot of teaching experience. You can trust me and my teaching methods . I had learned many many technologies in the past (check my LinkedIn profile) and i know exactly what is needed to learn and how.

Check what students say about my course :

“This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. The pace and explanations were incredibly easy to follow. Everything important about React was covered and Nathan explained every little detail so well that anyone can understand it and gain a good understanding. I have learned a lot from this course, and I hope that Nathan will add others in the future.”

“I love it so far I will drop a review midway through 🙂 from my experience coming from a developer bootcamp this way of learning is much more natural and effective! To be honest, I took two other react courses both of them lecture style, and I don’t feel like I got enough from the time I put in, they were both about 30 hours long with sparse assignments I felt like a zombie just typing along. I feel like I’m learning a lot! Most importantly I feel like my retention level and understanding are finally getting somewhere and I can actually apply the things I learn.” 

“Nathan describes very very well, i got many javascript courses at Udemy, but Nathan explaines better them others.”

In this 4.5  hours course  i teach React in a better way then other courses :

– Every complicated concept is broken to few small EASY to grasp concepts

– Every lesson is FOCUSED on one subject only

– Lesson are SHORT, typically less than five minutes, so you can stay focused throughout it

– You have FEEDBACK after every lesson via the Quiz Exercise 

– You will feel PROGRESS after every lesson via your correct solution of Quiz Exercise 

– I do not believe in one project which last the whole course , because in my vast experience its much better to learn using small isolated samples . In this way you learn and master CONCEPTS which will allow you to do many projects , not just one that the lecturer did. Also small isolated code samples are better when you come back to the course to clarify specific concept (try to do this with one big project which last the whole course …)

– Overall you will SAVE TIME in this course compare to other courses

The course cover the following concepts :

  • Component (stateless stateful)

  • Next generation JavaScript

  • React project setup

  • JSX

  • State

  • Props

  • Events

  • Debugging

  • Unidirectional data flow

  • Styling

  • Rendering list and using keys

  • Component Life Cycle 16.3

  • Routing using react-router

  • Single Page Application

Total Students1626
Original Price($)799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures97
Number of quizzes25
Total Reviews99
Global Rating4.7
Instructor NameNathan Krasney

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