Learn React Hooks in a Better Way

Master react hooks API and build a real world chat app using react hooks API


You’re here because you know HTML+CSS+JavaScript+React and you want to move forward and learn react hooks API and use it in a real-world application.

I am here because I can help you accomplish your mission. I have B.s.c + M.s.c in mechanical engineering . I have been doing software applications for more than 20 years in the Hi-Tec industry and I have a lot of teaching experience. You can trust me and my teaching methods. I had learned many many technologies in the past (check my LinkedIn profile) and I know exactly what is needed to learn and how.

In this 7 hours course I teach in a better way than other courses :

Most courses in UDEMY explain using one big application – this is not the optimal way to learn.

The optimal way to learn according to my long time experience is the following :

1. learn the main concepts using very small sample code and practice using small exercises

2. use the concepts learned and practiced in a real-world application

That’s the way I am teaching in this course

And most courses in UDEMY do not have quizassignment after each lesson – so how can you check that you understand what the lesson is about?

In this course you will have quizassignment after almost all lessons – so you can check that you understand the lesson

The course covers the following concepts :

  • useState

  • useEffect

  • hooks rules

  • useRef

  • useContext

  • custom hooks

  • useMemo

  • useCallback

    We will build a real-world chat app using react hooks, firebase and semantic ui react. State management in this app is implemented using useState + useContext. This chat app includes: chat messages,  chat rooms, authentication, form validation, attractive UI and much more

Total Students646
Original Price($)799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures65
Number of quizzes52
Total Reviews40
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Instructor NameNathan Krasney

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