Learn Python Programming : From Basics to First Programs

Features of Python, Python Variable Naming, Python Character Set, Python and VS Code Installation, Python Data Types


  1. What is meant by programming?

  2. Whether Computers  understand human communication language ?

  3. If computers do not understand our communication language, how to communicate with computers?

  4. Machines can understand only machine code. Then how  the machines understand the code written in high level language like Python?

  5. Interpreters and compilers are used in high level languages. Give an example where they are used?

  6. What is Python? Who developed it?

  7. Whether Python is a new language?

  8. Why researchers and scientists have adopted Python?

  9. Not only small companies but big companies are also using Python. Do you agree?

  10. From where the name of Python came?

  11. What are the various reasons behind the popularity of Python?

  12. Python is free and open source. What does it mean?

  13. Python is a high level language. Discuss.

  14. Python is cross platform compatible. What does it mean?

  15. Python is known for large and active community. What it means?

  16. Why should we install Python on our computer system?

  17. What is the necessity of installing Visual studio code?

  18. From where and how can we download and install Python and VS Code?

  19. How to write first program in Python?

  20. What is meant by Python’s character set?

  21. Whether Python can handle a vast range of characters?

  22. What is the full form of ASCII?

  23. Unicode includes letters from which languages?

  24. Which set of characters is larger – ASCII or Unicode?

  25. Which version of Python – I.e. Python 2 or Python 3 can easily handle characters from unicode?

  26. What is meant by variables?

  27. How can we create variables?

  28. While creating variable, we place value on left or right hand side?

  29. What is the first character limitation in variable naming convention in Python?

  30. Can we write a variable name starting with number?

  31. Whether we can use special characters in variable names?

  32. Variable names are case sensitive. What it means?

  33. While naming variables, how the words are separated?

  34. Give some examples of valid and invalid variable names and also give reasons for the same?

  35. What is meaning of modules in Python?

  36. What is meant by Built-in modules in Python?

  37. Whether User-defined modules are created by others?

  38. What is meant by External Modules? From where, can we download these modules?

  39. Which are the common types of data types which we read in Python?

  40. Write two values each in which data type is int and float?

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