Learn Python Properly—Build a 2D Game (teens/young learners)

Level 1 • A Python course designed specifically for teenagers and young learners (Parents/guardians must enrol)


This course introduces the basics of Python coding using hands-on projects designed specifically for a younger audience by leading Python educator Stephen Gruppetta. This course follows the Codetoday Unlimited curriculum. You can enrol your children and teenagers on this course.

All key topics are introduced using engaging projects with visual elements. The projects encourage students to be creative by programming animations and games.

The course focuses on ensuring students understand why things happen the way they do in programming and not just learning how to write commands.

I’ve been teaching Python programming to children and teenagers for a decade and thousands of parents have already entrusted me with their children’s learning.

The first sections of this course focus on teaching the fundamentals of coding in Python, ensuring the key concepts are understood well. The final section brings all the topics together in the final project: building a 2D graphics-based game using Python’s `turtle` module.

Key topics introduced in this course include:

  • variables

  • `for` loops and `while` loops

  • defining functions using `def`

  • control flow using conditional statements

  • planning a computer program

  • dealing with errors and bugs

  • the basics of game design

  • other coding best practices

This course is perfectly-suited to give a solid foundation to your children and teenagers who are keen to learn coding properly.

This is Level 1 in the Codetoday Unlimited curriculum, the most extensive curriculum you’ll find for children and teenagers. I believe in providing young learners a platform to go beyond the basics. Following this course, your sons and daughters can proceed to the the rest of the core Codetoday Unlimited curriculum, which includes Levels 1 – 5, and then extend their knowledge further with my Intermediate and Advanced Level courses.

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Instructor NameStephen Gruppetta

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