Learn Protege – Ontology Editor – through Pizza.owl Tutorial

Learn Protégé (Open Source Ontology Editor) by Practicing on Ontology Modeling (Semantic Web, Knowledge Graph)


The Protégé is one opensource ontology editor. Mr. Michael DeBellis created one great tutorial using pizza.owl as sample to show how Protégé is working. This course is based on the latest version of tutorial (which you can find link in the course) and guide you step by step to make the pizza.owl ontology created and practice the needed skills (query, rules, etc.) which are crucial for you to use in other ontology, knowledge graphs. Numbers of hands-on exercises are given with detail demo so that you can catch up the knowledge as soon as possible.

During course, you’ll learn how to initialize the Protege editing environment, then we move to the key elements within one ontology, explaining the concepts of Class and Individual, introduce the object property and data property, domains and ranges.

With the new created pizza.owl ontology, you’ll exercise on the restrictions, reasoner, SWRL, SHACL.

Ontology is becoming powerful when you can easily querying the information, within the course, you’ll learn DL (Description Logic) queries as well as hands-on SPARQL queries. (I’ll post specific course later for dedicated SPARQL learning.)

We’ll also introduce the Web Protege if you have interests to work in the web based only.

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