Learn MongoDB & Neo4j – Leading NoSQL Databases from scratch

Learn all concepts you need to know for building MongoDB and Neo4j GraphDB based Applications.


This course will help you to master one of the most popular NoSQL databases MongoDB and NoSQL GraphDB Neo4j. This course is designed to provide knowledge and hands on skills to become a successful MongoDB and Neo4j GraphDB Experts.

******** This course is updated on November 4, 2022 —  Complete Course on Neo4j : NoSQL Graph Database has been added to this course as Bonus course.    Code files are being added to all the hands on lectures****

******** This course is updated on January 15, 2020 — New Section on MongoDB ATLAS: MongoDB on the Cloud****

******** This course is updated on December 2, 2019– New Section on MongoDB Backup and Restore added****

******** This course is updated to support latest version of MongoDB 4.2.1 on November 1, 2019****

******Course in updated with the Current Stable Version of MongoDB 4.2 .1*****

This Course includes 2 Comprehensive Handson Projects (4 Hours of Project Videos):

Project 1  – Working with node.js and MongoDB

Project 2: User Management System using MongoDB and Java/JEE

We will start with basics of MongoDB and then we go on learning advance concepts to build MongoDB based applications.

In this course, we will start by learning basic concepts of MongoDB, MongoDB installation process on different operating systems, creating databases, Collections, CRUD opertaions and Indexing.

You can use the exercise files attached along this course to practice and follow along the each section/chapter. There will be short quizzes after each section to test our understanding and also to revise the concepts.

At the end of this course you will be mastering MongoDB based application development.

Course Highlights

  • Most comprehensive course on MongoDB with NoSQL database design approach

  • Simple, easy and well explained lectures with practical examples

  • Quizzes at end of the each section to test your understanding

  • Exercise files to help you start practicing along the course

  • More Lectures and projects will be added in coming weeks

Course Objective

  • Mastering MongoDB based application development

  • Decide where and when to use MongoDB in your application development

  • Design MongoDB database from start to finish

  • Differentiate between RDBMS and NoSQL databases

  • Spot key features and advantages of NoSQL database MongoDB over RDBMS databases

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Number of lectures198
Number of quizzes8
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Instructor NameSunil Kumar Gupta

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