Job Oriented Invalidation Search (Real Invalidation Example)

This course helps you learn how to conduct patent invalidation searches with a live example.


Patent invalidation searching, also known as invalidity searches or patent invalidity analysis, is a process of conducting thorough research to identify prior art or other evidence that could invalidate an existing patent. These searches are typically undertaken by parties seeking to challenge the validity of a patent, such as competitors or defendants in patent infringement litigation.

Patent Invalidation Searching is a high-in-demand and high-paying career option yet people can’t take up this niche career option owing to a lack of study material that can make them learn the important skills and give them the confidence to call them experienced IP professional.

This course is designed by Lalit Suryavansi who has been working in the IP domain for the last 15 years and knows what essential skills are required to gain knowledge and nuances of this domain and be successful.

This course covers all essential topics, which will not just apprise you of Design Prior art search, Invalidation, and Freedom to Operate skills but make you confident also so that can call yourself an experienced IP professional and apply for job postings with confidence without wasting your 2-3 years in gaining IP skills requisite to IP domain employers.

Join this course today and make yourself a part of the booming and highly-rewarding IP industry.

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