TopStyle, Short wig, Layered Cut, Customise Frontal Closure

Learn Wig Making, Short Layered Cutting Learn To Customise Frontal Closure. Wig Hair Cutting Technique Learn Pattern Wig


Wig Is the new Hair Fashion Trend. Short Wig, Wave Layered wig is Returning, Hence the Importance of Taking cutting technique seriously.

Competition In Salon patronage is getting Stiffer by the day and the need for Hairdressers to support customer with fashion ideas that will save time.

Topstyle wig cap is weavon attachment turned  to wig technique.

It’s an adhesive technique, it’s a quick way for hair stylist to deliver hair style concept to clients at their convinience, hence saving client time also beating competition.

This course is hands-on training technique.

::: You will learn how to create smart, short wig, with weavon.

::: You will Learn cutting technique to suit Body frame

::: Learn how to create Base pattern for your wig style e.t.c

All of these From;

Preparation                                                  To Creating The Wigcap,                            To Base Pattern,                                          To Setting The Attachments,                  To cutting,                                                      To Styling.

The step by step experience is interactive and easy to follow. You can recreate this wig making  technique to achieve other  styles.

The objective is to Teach Hairdressers the skill, So that She can export this TOP Style wig cap. And make money

In making and Teaching Topstyle wigcap, we consider the use of common tools that you have in the salon.

In this season of Global economic tension, that has reduce Salon patronage,

Quick smart, Hair do has become a preferred fashion, hence the need for Hair Stylist to be innovative.

:: You will see how Topstyle wigcap is won and dressed up elegantly.

The Tool handling and Technique in this course is simple

Lannik beauty institute is open to take your questions during and even after your training.

where you need follow up, or and explanation.

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