How to Buy Tax Sale Properties

Real estate Investing (No Mortgage, No Credit)


Techniques real estate investors won’t tell you: How to Buy Properties with No Credit and No Loans

  Discover what most real estate investors don’t know or won’t tell you. In this eCourse you’ll learn how you can purchase property without obtaining a mortgage and where to find an accurate current list. The methods I share are tried and true.

I’m going to teach you how to buy properties without ever getting a mortgage. This is a completely overlooked how you can buy real estate and invest in real estate without having any credit, closings, or loans to obtain a Free and Clear Deed for less than $1,000.


And you can learn this method in seven basic steps.

Whether you are in the business world, buying your primary residence or looking for some extra income, you can’t go wrong with investing in real estate.

My goal is for you to learn the industry secrets for buying real estate FREE and Clear with minimal funds and low risk.

Our Approach:

My teaching method can be summed up in three bullets:

·         Where to Locate These Properties

·         How to Purchase These Properties

·         Where to Get the Money

I take practical approach to buying Real Estate. These aren’t tricks or gimmicks. They are steps based on years of experience and research how everyday people can invest in Real Estate.

Although I have a lot of knowledge, I have a simple way of breaking these methods down. So I promise, the course will surprise and motivate you.

I kept this course concise, compact and actionable because you’re busy and you want change NOW! I got you.

The Seven Steps of Buying Real Estate Mortgage Free and Clear are:

1.    Removing any Fear and Doubt

2.    Giving Your Money Purpose

3.    Buying Methods

4.    Where to Locate The Properties

5.    How to Close the Deal

6.    Getting the Deed and Transfer of Ownership

7.    Managing the New Properties

I mean, come on…with titles like that how could you not take this course?

How This Course Will Change Your Life:

You can buy a home without having good credit or any credit checks.

You can make passive income regularly.

You can own a home or multiple properties without ever obtaining a mortgage.

Let’s Banish:

·         Credit Checks

·         Real Estate Agents 

·         Mortgage

·         Closing Cost

·         Loan Pre-Approvals

What People Are Saying About Us:

” I’m Disabled and on a fixed income in Debt temporarily but now I have a Concrete Opportunity to change my circumstances and Help my family and others by doing what Marita teaches. She made this subject very easy to understand and this book is right to the point no wasting time. It prompted me to get started same night.”

— Stephanie Joyce Kelly


“I seriously did not know about this!! We are so happy to learn that investing is within our reach. Thank you

— Jeovany Rosado


” She provided me with common sense measures to take in buying or renting properties. I am impressed with the wisdom and knowledge Marita shares with her students. I feel more empowered.”

–Frank S.

What are the requirements?

What am I going to get from this course?

·         Practical Methods for Investing in Real Estate

·         How to Prepare to Buy a Property

·         How to Get the Money

·         How to Locate and Purchase Property

·         How to Determine a Good Buy

·         Property Inspections

·         How to Get the Deed

·         How to Transfer Ownership

·         Forms for Property Management

·         Laws

·         Collecting Rent

What is the target audience?

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Everyday People

·         Business

·         Investors

·         Homeowners

·         Veterans

·         YOU!


Marita Kinney

Author and Publisher


Marita Kinney is a best-selling author with over 57 books published. As a published author, life coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Marita has inspired thousands of people to overcome adversity with triumph through faith and perseverance. Capturing the true essence of what it means to turn “lemons into lemonade”, she has taken the harsh lessons of life and developed a plan for successfully living.


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