Learn to build a GraphQL server in Java step by step

Deep dive into the graphql-java library and learn everything about schemas, datafetchers, wirings, etc.


In this course we will take a deep dive into GraphQL and how to build a GraphQL server in Java using the production ready graphql-java library. After this course you will master everything you need to know to build an efficient and modular GraphQL service adapted to any use case.

We will walk through everything you need to know to create a GraphQL server and go through the different notions with hands-on examples and exercises for you to train. After this course you should be comfortable in building your own production ready GraphQL server.

We will walk through:

  • Schema creation via the schema description language (SDL) and via code

  • Writing DataFetcher (also called resolvers) both synchronous and asynchronous

  • Wiring the data fetchers with your schema

  • Building an GraphQL service over HTTP embedding GraphiQL as a GUI

  • All the schema and query constructs of offered by GraphQL

  • All about schema introspection

  • Everything there is to know about GraphQL query execution

  • How to implement batch loading to optimize database access

Throughout the course we will illustrate these concepts with hands-on presentations and exercises.

We will be using a concrete database as a demonstration use case and build a full GraphQL service on top of it.

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