Leadership and Health

Leadership and the impact on Health; Health and the impact on Leadership


Leadership and health are interconnected in various significant ways. Effective leadership can positively influence the health of individuals and communities, while personal health can impact one’s ability to lead effectively. This course explores how interacts with health on both personal and organizational levels.

So we look at:

  • Leadership impacting health

  • Health impacting leadership

  • Strategies for leaders to promote health

  • The benefits of health-focused leadership

  • Broader implications of leadership in health

  • Poetry by Charles Mackay and its application to leadership

  • Ethical leadership and its implementation

  • Promoting a culture of health

  • Promoting a work-life balance

  • Enhancing productivity

Also included in the course is a Case Study – the background is as follows:

Case Study: Health Leadership Initiative at ElektronikTurk, Turkey.


ElektronikTurk is a leading electronics manufacturing company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specializing in consumer electronics and home appliances. The company employs over 3,000 workers, with a significant number working in the Electrical & Electronics Department. Historically, the department has faced challenges related to occupational health, primarily due to long hours of work in assembly lines and minimal emphasis on ergonomics and mental health.

  • Please note: 100% of the revenue received goes to a stroke charity: Different Strokes. Chris Sivewright (Instructor) is the Ambassador for the charity.

  • A detailed Course Manual comes with this course

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