KYC in a nutshell – Complete beginner guidance to AML/KYC

36 Minutes KYC course, gain basic knowledge in KYC/CDD/Anti-Money Laundering(AML)/ID&V/2024


You wanna learn more about KYC/AML, maybe you don’t want to commit to a full course yet. You don’t know where and when to start or the topic seems complicated. Well my course has the answer specifically for you

First:- Doesn’t require any prior experience in the Compliance field.

Second:- Easy to understand topics and definitions. 

Third:- Short time so you don’t have to go through multiple hours to complete.

Update – Jan/2024

Mini 36 minutes course, it’s part of grand course “Know Your Customer (KYC) – Easy Walkthrough In KYC“. Link is shared on few videos.

In this course we will be discussing so many definitions in the KYC/AML field:

  • Know your customer definition and difference between KYC and EKYC,

  • Identification and verification requirements for main client (full video can be found on “Know Your Customer (KYC) – Easy Walkthrough In KYC“),

  • Source of fund documents and why it’s important.

  • Related parties very short description and example such as board of directors their role within company’s structure.

  • finally we go through the Risk Assessment where we understand three types of periodic review.

What is included in this course

  • Short videos for each topic, designed to ease your way into KYC/AML field.

  • Few Assignments to keep students engage within the material.

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Instructor NameMohamed Zaky |Ex HSBC & PwC with 10 Years of experience within KYC World

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