[NEW] KCNA Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate – Hands On!

Pass the KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud Native Assoc.) Certification. Learn Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, CICD, GitOps and more


The only course you’ll ever need to pass the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) certification. Period.

Kubernetes stands at the forefront of the cloud computing revolution, redefining how applications are deployed and managed across vast digital landscapes. As the gold standard for container orchestration, it seamlessly automates the scaling, placement, and operations of application containers, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability. With its robust, scalable architecture, Kubernetes empowers organizations to effortlessly handle the complexities of today’s dynamic environments, turning them into agile, innovative powerhouses, proving itself as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of modern IT.

The Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) certification validates your expertise in the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to effectively work with Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. This certification demonstrates your ability to manage containerized applications and services, ensuring you can deploy, monitor, and maintain applications using Kubernetes and related cloud-native tools within a production environment. And this course will help you master all the different pieces to this KCNA puzzle.


  • This course provides all the knowledge needed to pass the KCNA certification exam

  • This is a hands-on course – we are going to learn by doing

  • All course slides available for download

  • Beginners are welcome – no prior knowledge of Docker or Kubernetes is necessary

This course will teach you Docker and Kubernetes from the ground up and provide a detailed overview of all the core features. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of what Kubernetes is, why we use it, and how to use it.

This course covers:

  • Linux Fundamentals

  • Docker Fundamentals

  • Kubernetes Architecture

  • Deep Dive into Kubernetes

  • Cloud Native Computing

  • Microservices and Serverless Computing

  • Observability with Prometheus and Grafana

  • Deployment automation with CI/CD and GitOps

  • Tips to ace your KCNA certification exam

  • And much more!

Your Instructor:

My name is Riyaz Sayyad, and I’ll be your instructor in this course. I am KCNA certified and also hold 6 AWS and 2 SAP certifications. Coming to my professional experience, I have over 20 years of IT experience with over a decade of experience in AWS cloud during which I have architected and built several end-to-end Cloud Native SaaS products. And I am also one of the best-selling instructors on Udemy. So, you are in good hands!

Finally, remember that this is an online course, and you can take it at your own pace. If you’re busy right now, that’s okay. Sign up today and learn at your own schedule. I look forward to welcoming you inside the course!

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