Java JUnit for Beginners

JUnit tool for testing and test-driven web development practices from scratch.


In this first tutorial, you will learn how to use JUnit for unit testing any code written in Java Programming language. Further, you will get to know about Fixtures Concepts and creating classes for testing purposes such as Test Case class, Assert Class, etc. The Tutorial is boosted up with examples being held up after completing each topic so that the topic can be retained by you for long.

JUnit Testing is the widely used testing framework for Java Programming language currently. It is not only used for UI Testing but also Unit Testing. It is an open-source framework used for writing and running test scripts. Most of the testers are preferring JUnit over others as it allows for writing quality code in a faster way. It is the best unit testing framework for Java because it is quite fast in finding bugs, which makes our code reliable. Unit testing is a must for any healthy development so that the developer may know what his code is doing till now and whether it is behaving as expected by the coder and it also makes the habit to read code often rather than just writing it. All this reliability, speed, and bug-free coding enlistment help build some confidence in new developers.

Going along the course you will grasp many skills that help shape your future better and make the right decisions. One such skill that you can grasp while learning JUnit will make you a better developer as it helps you provide better and reliable code easily and makes you code faster. As it is used for unit testing it makes your habit to check the code more often than just writing it which eventually helps you enrich you with good programming skills. By learning JUnit, you can find out the loopholes in Java and work on them easily hence increasing the credibility of your coding skills. Testing along with coding the program will make you eyed out among your company and provide better opportunities as well.

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