Microsoft Project in Construction – A to Z

Become a Certified MSP Scheduler


The course is divided into 10 Sections comprising of 42 Lectures, 8 Quizzes, and 1 Assignment. One practical IT Building Construction Project has been taken as an example to help the students learn the process of scheduling & project management. The project has set of Tasks (Site Clearance to Hand Over), WBS (Civil, Finishes, MEP, Project Completion, Hand Over), Resources (Staff, Labor, P&M, Overheads, Materials), Costs (Direct, Indirect), Baseline, etc. Everything is explained in the simplest way possible through real examples to help the students get an industry like exposure. It is ensured that every video is linked to the real project scenarios unlike other teachers who randomly take topics and examples having absolutely zero correlation with each other. This will also help you get the real feel of executing a project at site.

The flow of the course is as follows –

Section 1 (Introduction) – Shows the outline of the complete course and is meant to make you aware of the User Interface of the software.

Section 2 (Planning the IT Building Construction Project) – Learn how to create the full project in MSP by adding tasks, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), milestones, task relationships, WBS codes, calendars, constraints, etc.

Section 3 (Creating the Project Resources) – Creation of all the resources associated with the project like Staff (Project Manager, Design Engineer, Civil Engineer, etc.), Labor (Mason, Plumber, Helper, Electrician, etc.), P&M (Dumper, Excavator, Concrete Pump, etc.), Overheads (Insurance, Travelling Charges, BG, etc.), Materials (RCC, Sanitary Fixtures, Bulk Materials, Conduits, Cable Trays, etc.).

Section 4 (Task Types in MSP) – Three different variety of Task Types i.e., Fixed Duration, Fixed Units, and Fixed Work will be explained with practical example to help you understand their dependency on Resource assignment. Effort Driven Scheduling is also explained along with.

Section 5 (Assigning the Resources) – Everything you need to know about assignment of the resources, created in Section 3, to the respective tasks and analyzing the costs. Also learn about cost accrual type in MS Project, Resource Calendars, Time Availability and much more details.

Section 6 (Overallocation, Replacement, Levelling of Resources) – Learn about the core concept of Resource Overallocation. Furthermore, we shall resolve the same using the replacement and levelling of the resources.

Section 7 (Progress Tracking, Updating, and EVA) – Here comes the most significant part of the course. Learn how to update & monitor your site’s progress. Get some insights, analyze in micro detail using EVA and take corrective actions for best delivery – On-time & Under Budget coz that’s what we want as successful engineers.

Section 8 (Additional Features & Views in MSP) – Highlighting, Filtering, Grouping to help you identify the desired tasks in the huge pool of tasks. Interesting views available in MS Project for your convenience & project analysis.

Section 9 (Reporting, Importing, Exporting – Closure) – Having been done with all the analysis, it is the time for presenting the data to your boss through magical reports. Also learn how to import and export the projects from and to MSP.

Section 10 (Assignment Question & Solution) – One example of House Construction Project to help you summarize the entire MS Project. Answer the questions and master the project & construction management.

And, you are a master in project scheduling. Rock On !

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