Cyber Crimes, and Indian IT Laws

Evolution of IT laws in India, problems of cyberspace regulation, e-governance, and prevention of cyber crimes,


The course will focus on:

1. Problems of regulating cyberspace – multiple sovereigns exercising jurisdiction in the infinite and non-existent space.

2. An overview of the Information Technology Act, and the Authorities to administer the act.

3. Scheme of administration. Self-Contained legislation.

4. The problem of regulating cyberspace-cybercrimes.

5. The status of e-governance in India.

6. Protecting IT-related innovations.

7. The status of data protection in India.

The course is intended for:

1. Information Technology entrepreneurs.

2. Employees in the IT industry.

3. Lawyers and public administrators.

4. Aspirants of judicial services, UGC, NET, and civil services recruitment.

The course will cover:

1. Jurisprudential problems in cyberspace.

2. An introduction to Information Technology Act (2000).

3. Authorities under Information Technology Act (2000).

4. Statutory provisions relating to cybercrimes.

5. Rules and international practices relating to cybercrimes.

6. Cybercrime case studies.

7. Status of e-governance in India.

8. Protection of IT-related innovation.

9. Data protection laws in India.

In fact, there is a realization that the Information Technology Act (2000) without having any provision for data protection and regulation increasingly renders the IT act inadequately in the fast-changing digital age. There is already a demand to have a new Digital India Act that will comprehensively cover all aspects of information technology. Nevertheless, it has to be recorded that IT and the digital revolution had promoted transparency in public life which naturally call for safeguards such as the right to privacy

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