IT for recruiters and talent management professionals

Boost your IT recruitment with indepth IT knowledge and practical recruitment tips


Do you want to know how to boost your IT recruitment? Let me help you with that!

After this course, you will:

Amaze your clients and candidates, because you speak their language with the questions I’ll teach you (and yes I will make sure that you understand the answer and have a proper conversation about the topic with confidence)

Stand out as a recruiter because of your solid software development basic knowledge

– Truly bond with your audience and have long term business relationships

– Have candidates and clients help you bring more business with a basic tactic

Better connections and more indepth relationships with clients and candidates

– Get the Bright Boost Basic Certification (if you pass the exam)


– None

– Knowledge of recruitment will help though

This training is for:

– Recruitment / HR / talent management professionals

– People that would love to get a better understanding about software development

This training is not meant for:

– Software developers

– People that want to learn how to code

– Anyone who has a basic understanding of software development already

Based on my previous experience I am confident enough to say that having better understanding of the market you are operating in, will get you higher results, because you will step up your IT recruitment game with your IT knowledge.

If you are taking this course and there is anything in particular missing, please reach out! I love to hear from you how I can help you even better.

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