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Everything all non-technical professionals in an IT environment should know.


At work they often talk about APIs, frontend, backend, application design and all sorts of technical terms, assuming that you know what this is. And maybe you even do know what this is to manage basic conversations, without truly understanding it (pun intended). Would you like to know more about IT? This course will teach the basic concepts of IT in easy language.

After this course you will:

– Understand the IT landscape

– Know how software is built up

– Have a basic understanding of what code looks like

– Understand the software development process

– Know what roles are common in the software development field

This course if for:

– Anyone with a non-IT background that is working in an IT environment

– Non-technical people that communicate with IT professionals a lot

– Anyone that wants to understand more about the basics of IT

This course is not for:

– People with a lot of IT experience

– People that hope to learn programming in this course (though it is a good course to take before learning how to program)

If there are any topics that you’d like to have discussed as well, or that you want to have more in-depth knowledge of, please let me know and I’d love to add them to this course!

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