ISO/IEC 27005 Information Security Risk Management | 2024

Mastering Compliance and Security: Key Insights into Risk Assessment, Control Implementation, and ISO Updates


Kickstart your journey in information security risk management with our comprehensive course on ISO/IEC 27005, 2024 edition.

Discover how this critical standard can transform your organization’s security through a structured and effective approach. Here’s what our course offers:

  • Deep Understanding of ISO/IEC 27005: Dive into the fundamentals of this international standard and its role in securing information.

  • Risk Management through ISO 27005: Learn to identify, analyze, and manage information security risks according to ISO 27005 guidelines, with a focus on the updated 2022 version.

  • Practical Benefits: Explore how implementing ISO/IEC 27005 enhances your organization’s resilience and compliance.

  • 2022 Key Updates: Stay at the forefront of information security with the latest developments of the standard.

  • Five-Step Approach: Master the five essential steps of risk management according to the ISO 27005-2022 update, ensuring a methodical and structured application.

This course is ideal for information security professionals, auditors, consultants, and anyone involved in managing information security risks.

Additional Learning Resources:

  • Documentation

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At the end of this course, if you complete it entirely and pass all the quizzes, you will receive your electronic certification to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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