ISO 26262 Software Impact

Linking ISO 26262 with the software development life cycle


This online course about functional safety and its importance, Safety is one of the critical issues in the development of road vehicles.

With the trend of increasing technological complexity, software content and mechatronic implementation, there are increasing risks from systematic failures and random hardware failures, these being considered within the scope of functional safety. ISO 26262 series of standards includes guidance to mitigate these risks by providing appropriate requirements and processes.

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ISO 26262 Software Impact:

  • ISO 26262 (Road vehicles – Functional safety) Introduction.

  • Roles in ISO 26262.

  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA) and Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL).

  • Linking with V-Model software development life cycle.

How does ISO 26262 affects the Software:

  • Impact on Software Requirements.

  • Impact on Software Architectural Design.

  • Impact on Software Unit Design.

  • Impact on Software Unit Test.

  • Impact on Software Integration.

  • Impact on Software Validation.

You should answer these questions to get a clear understanding of ISO 26262:

  1. What is ISO 26262?

  2. Why is ISO 26262 important?

  3. Where are ISO 26262 Activities Done?

  4. Who works on ISO 26262 Activities?

  5. When ISO 26262 Activities Done?

  6. How to be ISO 26262 compliant?

I will answer you these questions in the introduction session to start our safe journey in exploring ISO 26262 (Road vehicles – Functional safety) impact on the automotive software.

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