IoT Application Development with Matter and the ESP32

Develop Matter based IoT applications on the ESP32 and learn the key features of the Matter protocol.


Join our comprehensive course on Matter, the revolutionary protocol reshaping smart home technology. Explore its principles, security, and industry impact. Get practical experience of developing Matter applications for the ESP32.

In this course, you’ll delve deep into Matter’s significance in solving compatibility issues in smart homes.

  • Understand how it unifies smart home ecosystems and has the potential to enhance interoperability and user experience in the IoT market.

  • Discover Matter’s functionality and learn about scalability considerations.

  • Explore Matter’s hardware and software requirements, supported development kits, and SDKs.

  • Gain hands-on experience of developing Matter applications on the ESP32

  • Familiarize yourself with Matter’s security model, including Device Attestation Certificates (DACs) and X.509 certificates.

  • Understand the commissioning process, from device authentication to network setup.

  • Explore Matter’s multi-admin concept and the role of Node Operational Certificates (NOCs) in identifying nodes across ecosystems.

  • Learn about Access Control, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and permissions for Matter nodes. Gain insights into Matter’s Distributed Compliance Ledger (DCL) and its role in securely publishing device information.

    Whether you’re a developer, IoT enthusiast, or industry professional, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Matter’s principles, security, and practical implementation, empowering you to navigate the evolving landscape of smart home technology with confidence.

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Instructor NameIvo Brett

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