Indian Laws on Environment and Bio-Diversity

Functional Legal Skills in Environment and Biodiversity


This course will provide functional legal skills in two important and interrelated disciplines in law, namely Environment and Biodiversity. When this instructor was a student neither Environmental nor Bio-Diversity laws were taught in law schools, even as an optional, but then a lot of water had flown under the bridge after Stockholm Declaration and Rio de Janeiro Bio-Diversity conventions and its Optional Protocol. This course will chronicle the developments of the Last 40 years.

This course is specially meant for students taking UGC NET (Law) Civil services and Judges Recruitment examination. This course is also important for those involved in technology and agriculture-related laws. In this Course along with 420 mins of video presented in 11 sessions of roughly 45 mins each, there are two focused PowerPoints on Stockholm Declaration and Indian developments. The instructors’ earlier blogs on Bio-Diversity and Animal Protection laws are given as supplementary reading material.

The instructor does not claim to provide all the essential information on the topic. Before taking the course, the learners are requested to browse through the essential legislation on the topic. For law students taking university exams and those preparing for competitive law examinations, this course would be ideal as a revision aid. Since the course covers a lot of current developments relating to Environment and Bio-Diversity, the learner can hope to answer many of the questions that will form part of the General Studies question paper.

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