Foreign Trade Policies And Impact On Trade

Significance, success, failures, direction, approach and highlights of foreign trade policies with India’s example


Demystifying Foreign Trade Policies: Impact on Global Trade

Welcome to our comprehensive online course, “Foreign Trade Policies And Impact On Trade”, a VJ Export Mastery Series Course. Whether you’re an aspiring global business leader, an entrepreneur venturing into international markets, or simply fascinated by the dynamics of global trade, this course is tailor-made for YOU.

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Dive into the Significance, Successes, Failures, and Highlights of Foreign Trade Policies

Unlock the secrets of effective foreign trade policies and their profound influence on international trade. From understanding the direction and approach of trade policies to exploring real-world examples, including India’s journey, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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What You’ll Gain from This Course

  • In-depth Analysis: Delve into the significance and implications of trade policies on a global scale.

  • Success Stories and Lessons: Learn from both successful strategies and past failures to make informed decisions.

  • India’s Example: Understand the specifics through India’s foreign trade policy case study.

  • Strategic Direction: Grasp the core approaches and trends shaping trade policies today.

  • Real-world Insights: Discover how trade policies impact economies, industries, and businesses worldwide.

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Who Should Enroll?

  • Global Entrepreneurs: Expand your business horizon by understanding the intricacies of foreign trade policies.

  • Business Strategists: Gain the knowledge to navigate international markets with a strategic edge.

  • Trade Enthusiasts: Explore the world of global commerce and the policies that drive it.

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My Personal Quest to Demystify Trade Policies

As an avid global trade enthusiast and educator, my journey began when I recognized a significant gap in understanding foreign trade policies. Few resources shed light on how these policies are formulated, their intricate structures, and the profound implications they have on international traders like you. Fueled by the desire to bridge this knowledge gap, I embarked on a mission to create a course that would unravel the complexities of trade policies.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Trade Policy Formulation

My vision was to provide a comprehensive platform where individuals could gain insights into the nuances of trade policy formulation, learn about the common considerations faced by governments worldwide, and understand the impact of these policies on global trade dynamics. This course emerged as a solution to empower traders, entrepreneurs, and curious minds with the tools to navigate the intricate world of international trade policies.

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An Innovative Approach: India’s Foreign Trade Policy Example

Through my extensive experience in creating over 18 courses on Udemy related to international trade, I realized that real-world examples resonate deeply with learners. To bring these concepts to life, I took a novel approach by using India’s foreign trade policy as a guiding example. This approach adds a practical dimension to the course, allowing you to see the principles in action and connect theory to reality.

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A Course Rooted in Award-Winning Research

But it doesn’t stop there. The foundation of this course is built upon my award-winning research in the field of international trade. You’re not just gaining knowledge; you’re accessing insights backed by meticulous research that has been recognized for its significance and contributions to the field.

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Enroll Now and Unlock the Power of Foreign Trade Policies

Become a trade policy expert and harness their potential to drive international success. Enroll today and embark on a journey that will reshape your perspective on global trade.

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Ready to become a true global trade leader? Let’s get started!

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About the instructor

Dr. Vijesh Jain, the instructor of this course, is an international marketing professional with over 35 years of international marketing practice, research, academic, and training experience. He has worked with top international marketing companies to sell branded and unbranded products in several countries worldwide. Dr. Jain is an alumnus of Harvard University, IIFT, BITS, BIMTECH, UOM, and NASBITE (USA). With nine books published in the area of international business management, he has contributed several research articles to international journals of repute. Dr. Vijesh Jain has also been awarded the first-ever best Ph.D. research award by BIMTECH, India, a reputed B School. In the past, he has also worked as Director / Dean at several reputed B Schools in India. He has written and published 9 books on related topics.

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