Idea Extraction – Turn your idea into a profitable business

Assess, Validate, Extract & Structure your business idea


Idea Extraction is the process of building the right business foundation with requisite skills and knowledge required to run a “profitable and sustainable” business.

Did you know that 137,000 businesses emerge globally, every month and 90% of them fail? There are millions of groundbreaking ideas that people have thought of, but not every great idea has transformed into a successful business. The reason behind this is simple, while ideas are born; a business needs to be built.

Many people are  quick to talk about their ideas; yet take no action. Some others ran too fast with the idea, lost a lot of money and are struggling to get back on their feet. The major reasons why this happens is…. No Idea Extraction (i.e. going into business with a half-baked idea) – don’t let this be your story.

This course was created to help aspiring business owners gain clarity about their business idea, understand sales & pricing strategy; cash flow, business & revenue model, create a valuable product or service; structure it into a profitable business and position your business for visibility, and finally how to attract start-up funding. The course has 6 modules delivered online with a final project – the business plan.

You have something amazing; don’t hide it – it’s time to share your idea with the world

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