Food Photography From Beginner to Pro: A Complete Guide

Master Lighting, Composition, Props, Styling, Editing, and Portfolio Building with Any Smartphone or Digital Camera


Welcome to the ultimate journey of transforming your food photography from ordinary to extraordinary! 🙂

Are you ready to elevate your culinary creations through the lens? Look no further – our online course is tailored to make your food photos not just enticing but downright irresistible

Unleash the full potential of your camera as we dive into the essentials of food photography. From mastering camera settings to unveiling the secrets of captivating lighting and nailing composition, this course is your comprehensive roadmap to crafting mouthwatering visuals

What’s sizzling in our revamped course? We’re covering it all – from the basics of food photography to advanced techniques like storytelling magic, prop mastery, styling wizardry, and basic editing skills. We’ve fine-tuned every aspect based on valuable feedback from enthusiasts just like you.

No fancy camera or studio lights? No problem! We’ve got your back with detailed demos, troubleshooting sessions, and real food photoshoots in every section. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned photographer, our assignments will get you hands-on and practicing for that perfect shot

Discover the key ingredients to turn your food photos from “blah” to “ta-da”!

Here’s a sneak peek into what you’ll learn:

  • Master Your Weapon: Take control of your camera for scroll-stopping food photos

  • Exposure Excellence: Achieve balanced exposure for professional-looking product photos

  • Manual Mastery: Switch from “AUTO” to manual with ease by mastering the exposure triangle

  • Lighting Brilliance: Control light and use different sources to create diverse moods in your photos

  • Composition Command: Apply long-standing composition rules for impactful food photos

  • Styling Secrets: Uncover the art of prop styling and its role in effective storytelling

  • Editing Expertise: Learn a basic editing workflow for that final fabulous look

Worried about the camera you own? Fret not! Whether it’s a DSLR, mirrorless, or just your trusty iPhone, this course is designed for you

Meet your instructor, Rose – an experienced photographer in events, food, and product photography. Her mission is to share valuable lessons, guide you through pitfalls, and fast-track your skills. Benefit from her insights and avoid common mistakes as you enhance your photography and videography skills

By the end of this course, you’ll exude confidence in wielding your camera, effortlessly handle lighting nuances, conquer composition challenges, and style scenes with finesse. Don’t miss out – join Rose on this transformative journey!

See you inside the course for a feast of knowledge and skill enhancement. Let’s make your food photos shine!

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Instructor NameRose Nene

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