How to Make Smarter Decisions and Stop Making Foolish Ones

The way to making smarter, better, and more profitable choices in business and in life.


We make tens of thousand of decisions every day. Admittedly, a lot of those decisions are not critical. But some decisions can make the difference between success and failure, profits and losses, and even life and death.

We have to be honest with ourselves that most major decisions involve a tradeoff. That raises an interesting question about decision making: what’s your tolerance for risk? What are you willing to give up to get something important?

Are you willing to make decisions based on objective data, facts, an accurate analysis and not emotions?

Here’s more about what you’ll learn in this course:

—The power of feelings in decision making.

—The need for instant gratification will lead us to make poor choices.

—Indecision is a decision. But is it the right one?

—Assumptions can be the enemy of smart decisions.

—Know your blind spots.

—Be aware of the law of unintended consequences.

Our goal in this course is to suggest ways that we can make smarter, better informed, wiser, more profitable decisions, and reduce the number of bad, self-destructive, not clearly thought out choices. We want to reduce those times when we’ve said to ourselves: “What was I thinking?”

I hope you’ll decide to watch this course and learn how to make more impactful, sharper, and beneficial decisions for every aspect of your life and your business.

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