How to Give Criticism and How to Take it

Use Negative Feedback to Your Advantage


How do you take criticism? How do you use it to your benefit? How do you know if it’s true? Who is your critic? Does that person have the knowledge, experience, credibility, and expertise to judge your work?

What about you? How would you deliver criticism in a way that’s heard, understood, and is action oriented. Criticism—no matter how well intended means nothing—unless you can show a path to success for the person you are critiquing.

Then there is the sandwich technique. That’s when you open with a compliment followed by the intended criticism and then closing with more praise. The idea is to take the sting out of giving negative feedback.

Above all, the smart critic is empathetic. Everyone knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a less than wonderful review of someone’s work. That means that you need to tailor your language, tone, and attitude to those you are judging.

You’ll also learn the important difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Then there is self criticism. Many if not most of us have this ongoing voice in our heads that are telling us what we’re doing wrong. That’s not necessarily a bad thing —in can stop us from making some serious mistakes. But if negative self-analysis is over done, it can be demoralizing. Make sure to toss in some well deserved compliments, too.

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