How To Edit Viral Shorts In CapCut

Make viral Reels/Ticktoks/YouTube Shorts for your Instagram/TicTok and YouTube


Stop wasting time on tools like Premier Pro, After Effects and Davinci resolve etc.

You do not need these complex tools to become a short form editor.

Hi! My name is Talha and I have more than a million followers across all platforms and I only use CapCut to edit my videos.

So in this course I will tech you CapCut by re-editing one of my videos which got more than 1.7 million views on Instagram.

And yes. I will give you the files and you will follow along with me.

But you must be thinking. Why CapCut?

So CapCut is a product of TikTok. Which means they specifically made this software for short form video editing.

And this reason I love it show much is because it has everything you need build right inside it to make banger videos like auto captions, stickers, animations, transitions, music and sound effects.

To be honest, I made this course super short and to the point so that you won’t waste any time and start editing amazing videos.

I hope you will love this course and I can’t wait to see the amazing videos you guys will edit.

Kindly download project files from the first video.

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