How to Attract High-Value Clients as a Digital Nomad

Get dream clients, work less, charge more and create work that you’re truly passionate about whilst traveling!


In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to find great clients wherever you travel. Not only will you get clients, but you’ll also learn to value yourself and demonstrate this so you can charge more for your work. This will help you stand out from the competition, even if there are many people offering a similar service to yours. Once you’ve learned how to attract great clients, you’ll be able to produce unique projects that will make your portfolio stand out.

Our course is packed with downloadable materials that will help you on your way and improve your offering immensely:

  • 10 reasons to become a digital nomad today

  • 10 steps to quit your job and become a digital nomad

  • 157 questions to help you double your income as a creative freelancer

  • Attract High-Value Clients as a Digital Nomad – A Comprehensive Guide

  • Client analyzer for creative freelancers

  • Create a photography website that turns visitors into clients

  • Digital nomad secrets

  • Financial cheat-sheet for digital nomads

  • Find photography clients before travelling to your next destination

  • Freelance project feasibility test

  • How to get started as a digital nomad

  • Invoice template for creative freelancers

  • Perfect pitch presentation for creative freelancers – Presentation Template

  • Portfolio and case study template for creative freelancers

  • Pricing Strategies and adding value

  • Simple contract template for creative freelancers

  • Social media template

  • The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Creative Digital Nomad and Working Remotely

  • Brand Guidelines template for creative freelancers

  • The perfect pitch presentation template

  • Side hustle secrets

Why is this course so valuable?

With this course you can increase your profits immensely

  • With a small investment, you can change the way you charge forever

  • Learn to attract the right clients

  • Dramatically increase your prices

  • Discover how to bill your clients

  • Find customers wherever you go

  • Work with clients who’re fun, exciting and motivate you

  • Discover the added value you’ve for your clients

  • Pitch appropriately

  • Never undervalue your work

  • Work less and charge more

  • Become an investment and not an expense

  • Learn the pitfalls of working with high-value clients

What is a high-value client?

  • They value your skills

  • They see the value you bring to their business

  • They pay well and on time

  • They are a good fit for your company and generate more business

  • They trust you because you’re the professional

  • They have a high lifetime value

  • They have expensive problems

  • They’re great for your portfolio

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