How not to lose your mind when you’ve lost your job!

You’ve lost your job – but need you lose your mind?


This is a course to give you optimism; to give you a feeling of security.

You’ve lost your job – unexpectedly – but that does not mean you’ll lose your mind – and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ll never work again!

This is a a course prompted by an Art Therapy student genuinely worried she was losing her mind as she had (unexpectedly) just lost her job!

Topics covered;

  • Allow yourself to feel

  • Routine

  • Exercise

  • Reaching out for support

  • Finances

  • Self-improvement

  • Goals

  • Relaxation

  • Voluntary work – practical advice is given throughout.

That brings you back to an ‘even keel’.

Now it is time to move forward so we discuss:

  • Career goals

  • Skills

  • Researching potential organisations

  • Opportunities

  • Impact

  • Networking

Then the unusual stuff:


  • Expenses, subscriptions, bills, costs and debt

  • Professional goals

  • Personal development goals

  • Financial goals

Key to all this is talk – both positive and negative. So we then spend time on strategies involving recognising negative self-talk and cognitive distortions, and consciously shifting to a more optimistic and realistic mindset.

We conclude with a case study, a summary – and a sonnet, a sonnet written by a Udemy student (but not THE Udemy student referred to in the opening lines!)

The key thing to emphasis throughout this course is that a) you have Lifetime Access and b) all courses provided by me have a very heavy emphasis on participation, posting in the Q/A. Therefore I (and team) are on hand to give advice, encouragement, suggestions and praise.

We’re here when the cafes are closed, your friends and family are out at work and you’re at home, going through bills.

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