Climate Change & Daycare/Schools/Homes: Reducing the Heat

A hands-on course with 20 actionable tips on how to cool down hot yards in daycare/schools/homes, and make them natural.


Is your yard getting too hot?

Is it too artificial?

You’re not alone…

  • 19 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000

  • Heatwaves cause more deaths than all other natural disasters

    (e.g. bushfires, storms, cyclones and floods)

  • Heatwaves are predicted to get hotter, more frequent, and longer as our planet continues to warm

  • Yards in daycare/childcare, schools, and homes are getting hotter

  • Children’s visits to the ED (in the U.S.) rose 12% during the warmest months (EHP 2022)

  • Astroturf gets up to 100C on hot summer days


Most yards in daycare/childcare and schools were designed with a total disregard for nature, climate change, and increasing heatwaves.

These yards are open-air ovens – full of concrete, astroturf, and artificial materials that capture, trap, and release heat…

…which means that children are paying the price for something they didn’t cause.

Don’t know what to do?

Don’t have millions on renovations?

No worries..

Let me introduce you to the:

Heatwave-Ready, Cooler & Natural Yard in Daycare/School/Home

– a hands-on, practical and low-budget course with 20 actionable tips on how to cool down hot yards in daycare/childcare, schools, and homes, and make them more natural.

The course is tailored to people in the education sector, such as teachers/educators, early childhood/school directors, sustainability enthusiasts, education pros, and also contractors and parents. It’s NOT a generic sustainability course (because those don’t address things like poisonous plants, scalable objects e.g. green walls near fences, drowning hazards, Anaphylaxis..).

I’ll see you inside!


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