Healthy Relationships – The Well of True Gestures Bootcamp

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This is a FUN Mini Course Bootcamp to help couples bond and connect again in their relationship whether it is new or over many years. There are many in-depth courses you can take on relationship counselling. This mini course is about fun exercises for couples over 28 days. The suggestions are just that – suggestions. You can put your own spin on them to suit you and your partner, think up fun things yourself or do some or all of them. But these Heart Cards will get you going and enhance your relationship. Definitely.

I am a professionally qualified instructor; in all the subjects I teach and have taught over the years in my colleges. I never teach anything unless it has worked for me over the last thirty years and many others as well. My mission now in the last chapter of my life is to simplify, simplify, simplify, life and learning for myself and others. This is my second eLearning course. Thank you to all those who gave me positive feedback on my first course on Tarot as a guide in their lives to Create their Future. I believe we create our own lives. We attract unto us the things and people in our lives, with our own energy.

I hope you enjoy “The Well of True Gestures” mini course bootcamp. The cards are Fun, Raunchy, Sexy and have some hidden home truths. What will you learn about yourself and your relationship? TAKE THE CHALLENGE over 28 days and see your relationship bloom and grow. Kindle the Fire and keep the Flame Alive!

Much love


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Instructor NameStephanie Roberts

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