Guitar Basics: Strumming for Beginners

How to Strum the Guitar for Every Beginner. Essential Guitar Strumming Techniques and More.


Welcome to my “Guitar Basics” series. This class is all about mastering how to strum the guitar. It’s designed for beginners and applies to both acoustic and electric guitar.

Discover the joy of strumming the guitar in this beginner-friendly class. This course will take you from total beginner to practiced guitar strummer!

Together we will tackle hands-on lessons such as:

  • How to play down strums

  • How to play alternate strumming

  • How to strum whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes

  • How to play syncopated strumming

  • How to play eighth note triplet strumming

  • And a lot of tips, tricks and resources along the way

My teaching style is warm and accessible with a focus on making learning to play the guitar simple and fun. Whether you’re playing guitar as a new hobby or just interested in learning some essential guitar strumming patterns, this class will get you up and running fast!

Resources: A downloadable PDF, that includes sheets for the Strumming in Time, 8th Note Strumming, Syncopated Strumming, 16th Note Strumming and 8th Note Triplet Strumming lessons. Check out the Resources in the “Getting Started” video to download it.

I would love to hear from you and am happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to reach out to me by sending me a message here on Udemy.

I hope that this class inspires you to learn more about how to play guitar and create music. I have other classes available here on Udemy and suggest “Guitar Basics: Learn Barre Chords” to continue your learning.

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