Analyze Real Estate Investment: financial modeling & concept

Learn how to analyze any Real Estate Investment opportunity Step by Step. Handle Concepts and Excel Financial Modeling.



If you want to learn how to analyze any Real Estate Investment opportunity for yourself or with your company, it is the place to be.

Here, you will handle all the relevant Real Estate finance concepts to become an informed investor. At the end of this course, you will manage to create your own Dynamic Excel Financial Model and make a final decision about Real Estate investment opportunities. With plenty of exercises and a Case Study at the end you will get the documents to model by yourself Real Estate Investment.

Whether you are a beginner, a college student looking to break into RE finance, an analyst, an associate or simply a RE investor; this course has been specifically made for you.

We will first have an overview of the Real Estate Investment world and we will go deeper into the different strategies that investors and private equity funds commonly use. You will know what happen inside large Real Estate Investment Funds as in the one I was working for. We will then cover all the relevant concepts you need to know to invest in any type of asset such as (CAP rate, NOI, Operating Income, IRR…). After that, we will cover basic and advanced Important Excel formulas for Real Estate investors.

In this course we will go through all the steps to create a Dynamic Financial Model for Real Estate on Excel. You will discover or (re)discover the basic formulas, ratios, and calculations. You will then go through the more advanced ones in Excel. With plenty of exercises, you will be able to check whether you use Excel the right way.

At the end, I prepared a Real-Life Private Equity Real Estate Case Study Exam. You will get in the shoes of a professional investor working for an investment fund receiving an investment opportunity for its portfolio. You will receive a complete case study and you will have to analyze from A to Z the RE asset.

At the end of the course you will be 100% independent to take an informed decision about your future Real Estate Investment Opportunities.

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